Spyrna offers unprecedented blind-spot object detection to minimize accidents and collisions

Optimized road safety

In 2017, 296 people were severely injured in collisions involving large trucks – in Denmark alone. Articulated vehicles present one of the biggest road hazards, causing a disproportionally large number of severe and fatal accidents worldwide. 80 per cent of these accidents, which often involve vulnerable road users, occur due to poor visibility.

Using stereo camera technology with depth sensors for accurate distance measurement, Spyrna shows drivers what they can’t see to prevent these accidents that claim the lives of too many pedestrians and cyclists. Our system is compliant with the upcoming mandatory EU regulation 2019/2144 and helps achieve UNs “17 Goals to Transform Our World” – more specifically goal 3.6, which is to halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents by 2030.

No more costly collisions

Maneuvering a large vehicle in urban areas is no easy task. No matter how skilled and cautious the driver, costly collisions and property damages are common, particularly when schedules are tight. With Spyrna, these collisions can be eliminated completely, as the driver gets a precise real-time view of all blind spots on all sides of the vehicle, including the rear-end area.

Reversing into loading docks and small urban spaces is made simpler and safer, costly repairs are kept to a minimum, and insurance premiums for equipment, personal accidents and liabilities are reduced.

Protect road users

Keep pedestrians, cyclists and other road users safe at all times.

Reduce damages

Reduce costly equipment and property damage.

Protect drivers

Bring peace of mind to the drivers maneuvering in crowded areas on a daily basis.

Reduce downtime

Quick and easy installation reduces down-time and maintenance costs.

Nicky Bonne
CEO & Founder

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